Flamingods - Mixed Blessings

Flamingods’ art is rooted in a love for the spaces between cultures. They’re cross-cultural magpies, absorbing styles and instruments from the world over into their mesmerising sound. Latest single Mixed Blessings from their new Kewali EP is an atavistic trip through classic psych territory with all the bells and whistles of clever contemporary production.

Accompanying the single is an animated video by Alpaca Animations. It’s a rich dreamscape of primitive artwork that feels like an animated cave painting or the reverie of a brain-fried DMT tripper. In creative protest against the xenophobia which abounds in international politics right now, the video centres around an intrepid explorer on a quest for enlightenment. The narrative takes a nightmarish turn when he encounters strange and terrible looking beasts. When they throw a big party for him, he realises the illusory nature of his judgements. They’re not so bad after all.

Flamingods - Rhama

Directed By: Barbu.tv - Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/barbutv // Facebook: https://goo.gl/zQubL8

Cameraman: Yannick poffet
Edit: Maxime Cramatte
Drone Operator - Sameer Antulay
Opening Credits by Raimund Wong - http://www.raimundwong.com

The concept for the Rhama music video revolves around a mysterious society of Pakistani wrestlers that are present in Dubai. Dedicating their lives to a traditional form of wrestling called Kushti, their matches take place every Friday during sunset in a sandy lot of land in old Dubai. Over the past few months we have attended these matches, and got to know the wrestlers with the help of our Urdu translator. In making this video, the Barbu TV guys were invited to live in their rural Al Ain apartment for a few days. The video shows the culture surrounding the wrestling, and the symbolism and ritual behind it; as well as flashes of everyday Pakistani life in the UAE – perhaps a surprising visual given the country’s notoriety for being a glossy metropolis.

Flamingods - Jungle Birds

Directed by Flamingods' projectionist, Niall Trask, the video takes inspiration from 1970's Children's Television and early Werner Herzog films.

Using 8mm, digital, illustration, paint, crayons and pens, the video explores a number of different mediums, as we look for Jungle Birds.


Directed & Produced by Niall Trask (http://www.thekillshop.com/
Director of Photography: Andy Little (http://andylittle.co.uk/)
Illustrator: Alice Tams (http://www.alicetams.com/)
Camera Assistant: Francesco Ferrari
Post-Production & Design by Niall Trask
Titles: Raimund Wong
Thanks: Caroline Dunne, Howard Primary School, Hannah Eggleston, Mike Carr, Annie Norman, Suren Seneviratne, Theo Ereira-Guyer

Flamingods - Taboo Groves

Filmed on the south coast and directed by Elliot Arndt & Laura Little, the video takes inspiration from an old story surrounding “the most haunted place in the UK” an old building in Devon, now a pub, which contained a staircase that had been a constant source of misfortune. 

In an attempt to banish the curse, the owners held a pagan burial for the staircase on top of a hill. The pair decided to adapt this mystical story for Flamingods 

Director Elliot Arndt describes the video;
“As soon as I heard the track I had this feeling of a large group of friends & freaks together creating a magical and spiritual scene. The staircase represents ascension, illumination, and the burial contrasts with it because of its very nature, death and grounding”.


Directed & Produced by Laura Little and Elliott Arndt
Director of Photography: Jack Thompson-Roylance
Camera Assistant: Jack Edwards
Edited by Elliott Arndt
Colorist: Yehan Jehan

Flamingods - Anya

The video was directed and produced by Barcelona based production house Shooting Gallery and sprouted from a trip to Barcelona last summer where we were set to play BAM Festival. Joe from SG saw we were coming to town and figured it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate as we loved each others work.

Anya as a track was deeply inspired by the exotica movement of the 50s and the imagery that surrounds it and so Joe (also an admirer of the genre), decided to film the music video at the Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens; a beautiful botanical space which houses an array of tropical cacti and plants.

The environment was perfectly apt for the song and the weather was wonderfully hot with the sun beaming out full force through-out the filming. The idea was to get us performing in the gardens whilst being flocked by pair of flamingos performing a mating dance and alluring us into the exotic through a mirage of hypnotic movements.

The beautiful tones and colours were captured with special aerochrome filter lens the team picked up from their travels and gives the video an almost tropical noir feel.

Produced and Directed by shootinggallery.es
Flamingirls: Anna Macau Comella and Sanna Toivanen
Costume Design: Rachel Alexandra Maclachlan
Font: Raimund Wong

Flamingods - Gojira

Designed by Flamingods' projectionist, Niall Trask, the video orbits around the live visuals crescendo in the set. Niall's work combines psychedelia and comedy, openly plagiarising and re-appropriating video detritus from the internet and television found over the years in Niall's Anglo-American upbringing. This is the only video on youtube which combines Ray Parlour, Kim Jong-Un, Nicolas Cage and the Star Wars Kid.

Flamingods - Kewali [INTERACTIVE GAME DEMO]

Immerse yourself in the new interactive music video for Flamingods' new single 'Kewali'.

This preview of the game shows off a world in which giant iguana's meet with jumping fruit, mysterious characters and tripped out mountains to take you to your final destination: the Kewali Temple. 

Jump in here: http://www.flamingods.com/kewaligame

irected by Amy Brown
Game Design by Amy Brown & Ben Chan

Flamingods - Hyperborea

The video was made by Charles from Flamingods. He says “the video was filmed mostly in Nepal, Kathmandu where three of us visited earlier this year. We went there to go explore, try out a lot of Nepalese food and hear some live Nepalese music. Kathmandu was a sweet place to get lost in – people everywhere, markets, temples and animals just wandering the streets. It was an intense environment, but it was something we really enjoyed being a part of! At times it almost felt like a sensory overload and that’s what the video is meant to represent.” Kamal adds, “it’s also meant to be a colourful portrayal of all the peculiar sounds and themes of song, which primarily are about identity, belonging and coming to terms with what life throws at you."

Flamingods - Vimana

Flamingods - Quesso ft. Dustin Wong

Flamingods - Taishōgoto

Created by Beaty Heart

Flamingods - Kinich Ahau

Music Video created by James Burgess