UK Tour + 'Majesty' Pre-Order + DJ Mix‏

Hey y'all, we have a lot to tell you today but before we dig into all that, we'd just like to say thanks to everyone who came along to Rye Wax where Mr.Bongo Soundsystem absolutely killed it! Also, shout outs to everyone who graced Eastern Mystics at Paper Dress in Hackney with their presence last Friday! We had an amazing time dancing late into the night with Bas Jan and Super Best Friends Club.

So moving on to our first bit of news...

We are very pleased to finally announce our UK tour happening this May! Tickets for all shows are available on our Music Glue page, and are detailed below.

Majesty Pre-Order

If you follow us on Facebook you'll have seen the superb album artwork by collaborator Raimund Wong (the master behind the above tour poster) - if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this lovely item then click here!

Pre-order the physical album via our online store and you can also grab a free download of our current single 'Rhama' - if you haven't heard that yet it's now up on Soundway's Soundcloud page!

More music, more mixes

We got another new mix prepared for all those who need some music like, right now! This one comes courtesy of Kamal and was assembled for 264 Crew. Click here to listen!

"Known for their dreamy psychedelia and world music rhythms the Flamingods are making waves across the world. Kicking us off with some vintage Brazilian flavors, Kamal has put together a “connect-the-dots” type mix drawing on the parallels of the music he (and we) loves and blurs the lines between Afro, Latino, and more modern rhythms. One to bring the sunshine out"

Our next Eastern Mystics club night is on Friday 22nd April where we'll have Clara Clara over from Spain alongside the wonderful Super Best Friends Club and we'll be DJing some exotic vibes as usual.

Until then, Peace!