Big News

Greetings to you all and welcome to our wesbite! 

We’ve got a nebula of crazy shit occurring this year and thought this blog would be the best way of sharing it all without cluttering everyones’ precious social-media real estate. Our first bit of big news for the year: *experimental drum roll*… we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just signed a deal with one of our most loved labels - Soundway Records! 

Soundway will be releasing our new album - plenty more details about that will be coming your way in the next few months.

Since releasing Away (2011) with Belly Kids, it seems we’ve been exceedingly fortunate in collaborating with labels which vibe off similar wavelengths to us. These labels put out great releases and express a philosophy that resonates with us and we harbour much love and respect for them. This was undoubtedly the case with the lo-fi garage aesthetes Art is Hard who helped us release Sun back in 2013.

It happened again with left-field-jam-helmed Shape Records when we released Hyperborea back in 2014 and once more last year when releasing our remix follow-up to Sun, titled Moon, with Portuguese based label Lovers & Lollypops.

This time it’s really special. Our love for Soundway Records in particular goes way back to picking up their masterfully compiled releases like Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81 and Sound of Siam - Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam in Thailand 1964-75. We’ve also been big big fans of Soundways original new releases including Ondatrópica, Fumaça Preta, Ibibio Sound Machine and the Meridian Brothers. They’ve even released an album from our boy My Panda Shall Fly! 

And so it is truly a real honour, so fully gratifying and insanely exciting to work with a label who isn’t just an influence and soul-mate, but one that we could talk your ear off about with fluent enthusiasm.

We're celebrating the deal signing at our own club night in Hackney on Friday 12 February, where we'll be collaborating with our good friends Sinema City and helping run Super Best Friends Club's monthly residency at Paper Dress Vintage.

All the details are here: - be great to see you there


Finally, we'll be announcing news of our next London headline date very soon - tickets will be going on sale next week, we'll send out all the details once it's announced

Till then, peace! x